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  • Knowhow on market, products, biomass and technology as well as resulting CAPEX & OPEX data is proprietary to DalinYebo. We are available to share our knowhow under mutually beneficial financial arrangements:
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The Interface

From Concept to Commissioning

Our Background

It is one thing to develop a process that works in a laboratory environment, and quite another to bring together a team of people that can commercialise and sell the process, structure license and project agreements, design a massive plant in another country, build a global marketing structure for the products and make a profit in the process.

We achieved this by bringing together and motivating a diverse team of professionals to overcome many challenges and equipping them to master further challenges that lie ahead. The company does not subscribe to ‘empire building’ and its committed core team of professionals network energetically with professionals across the world and draw-in specific expertise as and when required.

Our team consists, without doubt, of the most committed and purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the industry. They understand the relationship between complex ideas and different concepts of a biomass processing business in order to create the "big picture" within finite time-frames and budgets.

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