Financeable Solutions

Our Ideas have matured into Solutions

To finance an idea means to provide a solution. In our case, a simple idea solves multiples problems: By converting a component of biomass that has low calorific and no nutritional value (pentosans) into bio-renewable chemicals (furfural) and energy, we create new businesses (jobs) or add value to existing business, by retaining jobs or adding to food security. In doing so, we have ...

developed, patented and commercialised IP.

prepared business plans that are currently being financed or are rated as "ready to be financed".

Below are some "dots" of the value chain's financeable solutions:


GreenEnergyPark™ Layout

GreenEnergyPark™ consists of simple and profitable applications for the transformation of biomass to energy and/or chemicals



in propinquitatem ad biomas

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