Biomass Valorisation

Innovative Minds: Converting Biomass to Chemicals and Energy

The essential technical challenge facing us, and the world in general, is the complete beneficiation of cellulosic material. We strive to provide viable and practical solution:

For years we have operated pilot plants, situated at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

We have developed and commercialised IP.

We have received prestigious awards and recognition.

DalinYebo's technology knowhow extends beyond optimising/maximising technical aspects of furfural production, as we offer solutions that relate to the biomass (e.g. corncob) harvesting as well as to the resulting chemical (e.g. access to the furfural market, incl. off-take agreements).

Below are some of the "dots" of the biomass valorisation element of the value chain:


GreenEnergyPark™ Layout

GreenEnergyPark™ consists of simple and profitable applications for the transformation of biomass to energy and/or chemicals



in propinquitatem ad biomas

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