Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable (Kenyan proverb).

There is a strong case to be made for a co-operative, biobased economy in Africa ..

.. and that therefore includes small, decentralised, rural production units, which form part of a greater supply chain. Africa specifically and emerging economies (BRICS) in general, have enormous agricultural land development potential. Our µ-BioRefinery™ is geared towards enabling small-scale processing of (non-food) biomass in rural areas. Besides its ability of processing agricultural residues that can be removed without negative impact on soil or water, our micro-biorefining approach also offers a selection of "energy" crops that are suitable for many African growing conditions. The µ-BioRefinery™ will bring additional revenue to small-holder farmers and will empower these farmers to move from subsistence farming to participating in the sustainable growth of the green economic.

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